The project aims to create a strong innovation system for growth in the AI ​​industry,
a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) as a base, in collaboration, research, innovation, applied test-driven development, education and clustering.

To achieve the project goal, the project has the following sub-goals:

  • Create an innovation system that increases SME innovation speed with the help of AI
  • Implementing demand-driven AI innovation pilots
  • Strengthen research and education in AI
  • Package a long-term regional functional innovation system

This will strengthen northern Sweden to becoming the leading region within Applied AI, which offers a productive and attractive innovation environment. This creates long-term sustainable growth that attracts people, investments and companies to the region.

Main financier:
European Regional Development Fund

Other financiers:
Luleå University of Technology, Luleå Municipality, Skellefteå Municipality and Region Norrbotten

LTU Business, RISE

Project period:
January 2020 - February 2023